NEX MONEY Ashok Singh

NEX MONEY Ashok Singh
Business Name: NEX MONEY Ashok Singh
Long Business Description:

Long Business Description:

NEXMONEY vs Other Wallet App
╚═════ஜ۩۞۩ஜ═════ Hello friends
Do you use Paytm, Phone Pe, Bhim app, Amazon, Flipkart, Zomato, Bigbasket, extra do you get a chance to earn from it or do you want to earn by using them🙏🏻

Let’s be a Crorepati

🥁 Nexmoney” 🥁
✈. “178CR”. ✈
🛣 0% liability 🛣
If you have a business to earn 1 crore or 2 crore in two years, then it is okay, if not then join Nexmoney now.
Because here you can earn more than 178 crores.
Let’s know

🔝😎 Nexmoney

Friends In “Nexmoney”

⭕Discount, cash back
And also the chance to earn crores of rupees
⭕ Do you send money to the bank
⭕Do you recharge Mobile, DTH etc
⭕Do you use internet
⭕Do you shop online from portal like Amazon, Fiipkart, Myntra etc
⭕ Do you book bus, hotel ,flight etc.
⭕Metro card recharge
⭕Do you Insure bike, car
⭕Do you do credit card payments
⭕Do you shop from any local shop

Nexmoney app allow you to earn all the services in 2 ways

⏯️Registration Free
⏯️ Rs.1770 Prime Membersip Just One Time Only

1st Level = 20% =300₹
2nd Level= 2% =30₹
3rd Level = 3%. =45₹
4th Level = 4% =60₹
5th Level = 5% =75₹
6th Level = 6% =90₹
7th Level = 7% =105₹
8th Level = 8% =120₹
9th Level = 9%. =135₹
10th Level = 10%=150₹
Total Income =178 CRORE
🔻 Royalty Income
🔻 Leadership Income 10 % From 1ST LEVEL
🔻 Cash Back lncome
🔻 Discount
🔻Reward Points

If you run a 5 × 5 matrix system up to 10 levels, then your total earnings will be 178 crores.

100% success = 178 crores
50% success =89.5 crores
10% success=17.8 crores
1% success = 1.78 crores
0.1% success = 17.8 lacs

☞☞ This is the only system friends, if you succeed even 1%, then you will be a billionaire.

2- Saving and Earning☞
You will get continuously cashback every time when you use the service again and again.
An average member can earn from this place by saving 10000-15000 in 1 year.

3- Team Royalty
If you want income even after level 10, then you have to get royalty, then you get income even after level 10.

1-🥈 Silver Star☞☞
When your Direct 5 active members and every level up to 2-10 levels are upgraded one member each, you achieve this.

2-🌟 Gold Star
As soon as 5 members become silver in your direct, you will become gold achiever.

3- 💎 Diamond Star
When one gold is made in any of your 5 levels, you become diamond. 45rs per member

4 AutoBinary☞
You will be happy to know that you get binary income on purchasing goods with savings here.

per pair- *20% income
If there is a purchase of 100000 in your team then you earn 10000*

5 Company royalty
You will get 1% of the entire company’s turnover.
Ex- If the company has a turnover of 1 crore, then your income will be Rs 1 lakh.

6*Leadership Bonus
You get this income because you are making your team strong.

You will get 10% of the earnings of 5 members of your direct.

If your leader is earning 5 lakh then the company will give you 50000 income.

🗣️ To get The best Support 💐and To get An Awesome Beginning contact with us immediately 👍👍

Contact for more information

💝💝 If You Want This Type of Success, then contact us immediately.💝💝

Get exciting cashback on All Transactions & Ultimate Earning Opportunities.

Download and SignUp

*👉 Nexgen Inventive Informotion Technology Pvt LTD



Business Website Address: Join With me
Business Phone Number: 8949 858 261/ 9468640939
Business Contact Email:
Business Address: Ashok Singh
Sainik Nagar karmchari colony Gangapur city Rajasthan

  • NEX MONEY Ashok Singh
  • NEX MONEY Ashok Singh
  • NEX MONEY Ashok Singh

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